P&L Motorsports is here to help provide what someone eloquently phrased as a “Solution in Motion.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We don’t just build race cars and send them on there way, we want to see you succeed and help achieve that goal in anyway we can.

Build Consultation

When you join the world of competitive motorsports you will find a multitude of resources for build information and everyone will have their 2¢ based on their own findings, but a lot of that will be based on speculation. P&L puts theories into practice and we are willing to share our findings. There is no better advice than that given from experience; from track tested setups. Whether the recommendation is something as simple as a more aggressive alignment, or a fully built motor we want you to be successful, consistently. Use our experience to your advantage.

PRI (Pre/Post Race Inspection)

No matter what the level of racing you participate in, preparation and prevention is key. A small issue can quickly turn into a major problem when submitting your vehicle to the stresses of racing. Not to mention, potentially cancel your race day if you fail a Technical Inspection. It’s a terrible feeling to drive all the way to an event only to have to drive home without competing — especially if you have already spent money on lodgings/transport/storage. Many tracks will provide this service but it will be at a premium rate, and that doesn’t include the cost if an issue is found. Beyond the physical, the PRI can also provide that piece of mind needed to be the most confident racer you can be. Nothing will impact your times more than a lack of confidence in your vehicle.

Trackside Support

Nothing is worse than something going awry while you are at the track. Anything from a new noise, to snapping an axle can ruin a lovely day of racing. P&L Motorsports Crew are racers just like you, and because of that we are right there next to you every step of the way. From figuring out how to build your vehicle, to cheering you on trackside as we are racing right along side you, P&L is racing.