Where are you located and how do I get there?

We are located in the western Chicagoland suburb of Lisle, Illinois. You can find directions and contact info HERE.

What lubricants should I use in my Subaru?

There are many different brands of lubricants you can use for vehicle. Let’s start off with the basics.

Engine: We recommend you use synthetic oil in your car (especially in the case of forced induction models) as it will help with the longevity of your car. Some brands that we recommend are AMSOIL, Valvoline, Pennzoil, or Motul. We've noticed the consumption rates are higher than others depending on the brand you have chosen, which leads to oil starvation and in turn a potential blown motor. As for weight there are many different options to choose from, but the choice mainly depends on weather and intended use for the vehicle; most common is 5w30.

Transmission: For your trans we also recommend synthetic gear lube to promote longevity. AMSOIL, Valvoline, and Motul are some recommended brands. The recommended weight is 75w90, gl-5 or equivalent. The rear differential is commonly associated with the transmission so gear oil can be interchangeable with the trans.

There is black/white/blue smoke coming out of my exhaust – What is going on!?

Smoke coming out of your exhaust can mean a few things.

First, black smoke can mean that your car is running rich. Running Rich is a bad mixture of fuel and air containing more parts fuel than it should relative to the amount of air. Try to confirm if you have any boost leaks that can cause air to blow out of your system and if that is all 100% please look into getting a tune to solve the issue of running rich. (Dyno Tuning)

Second, white smoke can be a sign that you have coolant running in the wrong places. Two things can be meant by this, you either have a bad head gaskets or a bad turbo. Please look for any coolant leaks under the car and watch out for your car over heating.

Third, blue smoke can be a warning flag that there is oil leaking and can cause oil starvation in the motor. Please keep an eye on your oil level as this may cause the motor to blow.

For any/all of these issues, feel free to call us and speak to a support specialist. They will do what they can to help figure out the issue, and get you in for a service appointment.

My car is running funny and I don’t know what to do?

You’re not the only one as we get these calls all the time. Please check to see if you have any visible boost leaks under the hood. If your vehicle is making a noise it usually doesn't please pin point where it is coming from and see if there is anything loose, hanging, rubbing, or not there that would be causing the noise. If you are second guessing yourself to drive the car or not, it is most likely best for the safety of your car and yourself to not drive it. If your car is not 100% please give us a call and schedule an appointment to get it checked out as soon as possible.

How do I install *insert product or part here*?

Please make sure you check with the manufacturer of the part first to see if they have any install guides available online or that they can send you. Please also give the manufacturer a call to see if they can help you out with the install. Next check with the company that you have bought the product from as they can give you install tips or guides to help.

If all of the above fails, please give us a call to schedule an appointment, or to have one of our support specialists try and work with you as best they can. Please note, if we didn't sell you the product, and especially if we do not carry the product, our abilities to help may be limited.

What do I need to run E85 in my Subaru?

For the most part it is relatively the same in any Subaru.

You would want to start off with a pump that fits your turbo needs. Some fuel pumps that we would recommend would be the Walbro 255lph, Walbro 400lph, or Deatschwerks 320lph.

The next step would be injector sizing. Generally you would need at least 850cc-1000cc depending on turbo set-up; of course you can go bigger but you must have the turbo to support it! We would recommend Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors for an E85 application. Please do keep in mind whether your car has a top feed or side feed set up because in order to run the ID1000cc injectors you do need the top feed fuel rail kit.

Another thing to keep in mind, is your clutch and transmission able to hold E85 power? E85 gives you a gain of roughly 30-40whp over a 93oct set-up, depending on your turbo capabilities. Make sure your clutch is rated for the horsepower and torque you are trying to run. As for transmission, the stock Subaru six-speed transmissions have been rated pretty well to hold E85’s power. The stock 5speed is also capable of running E85 just not to its fullest potential. So please be careful and know your limits if you are a five-speed owner.

Last and final step is to get a tune for the modifications that you've done and you are set for this special blend of fuel!

Need further assistance?

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